What is Kollabro?

Kollabro is a Workstream Collaboration tool for agencies which tracks projects ensuring transparency, control and accountability for managers, clients and teams simultaneously which reduces the time that is lost during a project.


Projects managers, clients and team members see the same information at the same time allowing transparency across the board.


Each user involved in the project knows what they are responsible for ensuring full accountability for all elements during a project.


Each user sees the same progress updates, tasks and project history giving full control to each user during a project.

Why your agency needs Kollabro?

  • Provide a better customer experience to clients

  • Delegate accountability efficiently

  • No more project delays or missed deadlines

  • Avoid possible future disputes

  • Less disruptions and increased productivity for all users

The Features

Kollabro has the following features which will enable your agency to deliver projects on time and within budget saving time and money for agencies and clients.

Task Manager

All project tasks are visible to all users during the project which ensures accountability at all times.

Progress Dashboards

Each user can view real time progress dashboards allowing for full transparency over all projects.

Project Lockdown

Project managers have the ability to lockdown projects when projects tasks or payments are overdue.

History Timeline

All previous and current project history and actions can be easily assessed at anytime by all users.

Client Overview

Easily access all your clients contact information, linked projects and their action list in one place.

Multiple Users

Invite project mangers, clients and team members to collaborate on projects in real time simultaneously.

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